PHP Uploader Ajax Uploader for ASP.NET
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Deployment PHP File Uploader

PHP File Uploader is 100% HTML and JavaScript code on the client, and PHP code on the server, and can be setup on your web server in just 5 minutes, simply by following this setup guide.

1. Deploying Uploader Client files.

The "phpuploader" folder and all file it contains (located in the archive) should be deployed to http://{your site}/{your application}/phpuploader/ on your web site.

2. Adding Uploader into PHP page.

  1. //Step 1: Register Uploader component to your page   
  2. <?php require_once "phpuploader/include_phpuploader.php" ?>   
  3. <html>   
  4. <body>   
  5.             <?php   
  6.                 //Step 2: Create Uploader object.   
  7.                 $uploader=new PhpUploader();   
  8.                 //Step 3: The files will be uploaded to the following folder directly.  
  9.                 $uploader->SaveDirectory="savefiles";    
  10.                 //Step 4: Render Uploader   
  11.                 $uploader->Render();   
  12.             ?>   
  13. </body>   
  14. </html>